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How to bring your vision in reality?

A business is an idea brought to life. We are humans, we are born to create, innovate and build. Many of us have great ideas, but we give up before we get there because unrealistic expectations were not met.
We see so many business that that are incredible at what they do, but they are focused on other things that don’t make them money, and are putting off what they are actually good off to chase shiny red ball.

We have specialties and fields of expertise

Operations Optimization

When a  leadership team is not on the same page, then a business is bound to fail. If a business does have its processes clearly defined and has no way of checking progress then they are bound to fail. A house divided will not stand.

Serious about SEO

Organic rankings will never die. Any serious business is doing search optimization. Luckily, most of them aren’t that good at it. Here at Impac, it’s our specialty.

Social Media Advertising.

Where are your customers? Do they have a smart phone? If so, then you have the potential to become an extremely influential authority in your industry. We are here to get you there.


You know what your competition probably does pretty bad? Content. What if you have the best content in your space? PEOPLE LISTEN.

Many Businesses, One Philosophy

As human we secretly desire to be the absolute best we can be. If your business isn’t doing the best that it can, you will never truly be happy. How does one achieve that? By being vulnerable, open minded, and willing to change whatever it takes to make it happen.

Tom Danowski

What Usually Happens

Over 56% of small business fail in their first five years yet small business is responsible for over 80% of new jobs in America. We don’t have to tell you how important small businesses are, and frankly, this country needs them. Are you running at optimal efficiency? Do you have a simple, understandable vision and core focus? We are here to not only help you define that but also help you execute it.

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  • Artem Popov
    Artem Popov Lead Designer
  • Caleb Matson
    Caleb Matson Sales Manager
  • Thomas Danowski
    Thomas Danowski CEO
  • Micah Smith
    Micah Smith Marketing Specialist


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